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Hello everyone and welcome! I’m Andrew Santos, my wife’s name is Amy and we have two sons, Ronnie and Devin. Did you catch that? Yes, that is where I came up with the name DevRon. Ronnie, our older son, Works retail and owns a sports card/memorabilia business. Devin our younger son is studying to be a game designer. My logo above was designed by Devin. Why did I put his name first and not Ronnie’s? Because RonDev sounds too much like Ronco. If you don’t know what Ronco is, ask your parents about the pocket fisherman. Amy is an RN with Jefferson, and once this thing settles you may see her out on deliveries with me. During these crazy times, things will be changing on the fly. So Stay tuned here, on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Please be safe and stay well.

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