Book a Delivery


You must have my Dumpling app installed on your phone to book a delivery date and time. You can find the app HERE.

Tipping after the delivery

While I appreciate the gesture of wanting to tip after the delivery in addition to the gratuity that you give me in the app, I cannot accept a cash tip at this time. If you would like to give me a tip after the delivery I have set up a tip jar link on the bottom of this page in the footer section.

I am not asking for a tip, nor am I expecting one. But if you feel you would like to tip after the delivery, I am making it easier for you to accomplish. Yes you can do it through the app but the app will tack on another 5% charge to the gratuity. Using the link on my website there are no other fees to you. Thank you for your generosity. Stay safe and be well.

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